Letter of support & reassurance to the Wilson community

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020

Dear Wilson community,

We know these are extraordinary times with lots of unknowns, and we wanted to reach out to you with our support and reassurance.

As you know, the University is working to promote community health proactively by practicing “social distancing.” The University response is intended to pre-empt problems and keep our community safe.  Please continue to take good care of yourselves, and of each other.

As we think about more vulnerable members of our community, we are asking for everyone’s cooperation and a sense of solidarity, and greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions to University efforts to mitigate potential impacts from COVID-19. For the most up to date information from the University, please see the COVID-19: Coronavirus Information page. 

We understand that this is already a stressful time on campus as you are taking midterms. In addition, we know if can be difficult to be away from home and worried about loved ones. We wanted to make sure that you know we are available to support you and that contacting the college office is good first step in accessing campus resources.

While gatherings and meetings have been discouraged and large events are cancelled, we want to reassure you that we are still here to support you. Until we’re directed otherwise, the college staff will be available in the office for appointments, though you are also welcome to contact us for zoom meetings if you feel more comfortable doing so, or if you are feeling ill. You’re welcome to make appointments by phone (609-258-3629) or by email, if that’s easier.  No matter what, we’ll keep figuring out ways to remain available for you.

Please take good care of yourself both mentally and physically. Practicing selfcare is especially important during these challenging times. Best of luck also with your midterms and studies. As you navigate these next few weeks, please know that we are here for you.

With all best wishes,

AnneMarie Luijendijk, Head of College

Anne Caswell-Klein, Dean

Garrett Meggs, Director of Student Life

Sachiko Datta, Director of Studies

Dianne Spatafore, College Program Administrator

Sue Giranda, College Office Coordinator