Message to the Community Regarding Racism

Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020

Dear Wilson Community,

We are navigating extraordinarily difficult times. In addition to the global Covid-19 pandemic and the tragic losses of life and many uncertainties it has brought, we are also grappling with the injustice of systemic racism and white supremacy. We write today to join our voices in solidarity with our Black students and in strong protest against police brutality and violence against Black communities.

As a community we have condemned Woodrow Wilson’s racist acts; we must similarly condemn the continuing violence against Black communities that is so prevalent. As the staff of Wilson College, we acknowledge the historical and ongoing presence of systemic racism and white supremacy in the United States. History reminds us that this is not a new story. We must all commit ourselves to action. Please join us by engaging in this work in whatever ways you’re able—whether by educating yourself, joining protests, donating money or time, contacting officials, voting, or engaging your friends and family in difficult conversations. 

Remember that Wilson College was founded by students in response to discrimination and exclusion. We want to create spaces (whether in Wilcox Hall or on zoom) where your experiences are heard and validated. We will keep striving to make our community one where, as Wilson’s founding members of the Class of 1959 said, individuals can be “accepted for who they are.” Indeed, we challenge our community not only to accept, but to love and support each other.  

AnneMarie Luijendijk, head of college

Anne Caswell-Klein, dean

Sachiko Datta, director of studies

Sue Giranda, college office coordinator

Garrett Meggs, director of student life 

Dianne Spatafore, college program administrator