Spring Academic Reminders for Juniors

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021

Hello juniors,

Happy first day of spring semester… if you’re here in New Jersey, it’s quite a wintery start to spring term!  I hope you had a great long winter break, and are returning rested.

A few quick reminders:

  1. I’ll be auditing your records over the next week.  So if you get a message from me reminding you about leftover distribution requirements, etc., please reply as soon as you can: we want to get all of these details straightened out as soon as possible!
  2. The add/drop period runs through 11:59pm ET on Friday, February 12.  If you’re changing departmental courses, check with your departmental director of undergraduate studies or administrator to be sure you are making good progress.  Remember that you cannot add classes after 2/12.

I’m afraid that we cannot enroll you in courses that overlap.  Faculty were given the opportunity to designate their courses as “pre-recorded,” which means the lecture isn’t at a fixed time.  If they chose not to do so, that means the lecture time is blocked on your schedule and you can’t enroll in another class at the same time. 

  1. Take advantage of the Library’s study-browse service

Questions?  Let me know—I’ll be happy  to meet with you on zoom (click HERE for appointment info). Enjoy the snow if you’re in NJ, and enjoy your first day of classes no matter what. 

Best wishes,
Dean Caswell-Klein


Anne Caswell Klein

Dean of First College

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