Spring Academic Reminders for Seniors

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021

Dear seniors,

Here it is: the first day of your last semester at Princeton!  I know that may feel slightly surreal, and that you may be slightly appalled by the amount that needs to get done between now and May 25.  So please take a few minutes today to set some intentions for yourself this semester—to write to your thesis adviser each week, or to set up Google calendar with all of your deadlines, or to make zoom dates with friends from freshman year who you never see anymore.  You will get to graduation, and it’s worth making sure that you do so in style.

A few quick reminders:

  1. I’ll be auditing your records over the next week.  So if you get a message from me reminding you about leftover distribution requirements, etc., please reply as soon as you can: we want to get all of these details straightened out as soon as possible!
  2. If you are AB and want to drop down to two courses this semester, you’ll need my signature on a Course Enrollment worksheet, even during the drop-add period.  If the course you want to drop is a departmental, please get your department representative’s approval before sending me the completed form.

BSE candidates, you must complete the equivalent of 4 classes each term (but your thesis goes into your course count, unlike your AB friends).

  1. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Library’s study-browse service

Thesis Fridays will start up this week, so keep an eye out for that information – and there will be a fabulous prize again this term!  In the meantime, enjoy the snow if you’re in NJ, and enjoy your last first day of classes no matter what. 

Best wishes,
Dean Caswell-Klein


Anne Caswell Klein

Dean of First College

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