Stuart H. Bentkover

"The Great Class of 1970" was, I believe, the first class to significantly reject Bicker. A number of us went into Wilson College instead. Our group was varied and mostly a bit on the "liberal" side (to say the least). I lived in 1938 Hall my junior year (with Glen Johnson, Peter Orton and Ted Dingle) and in a single in the New New Quad (now gone) my senior year. I had the opportunity to see our old suite in 1938 this past May at reunions. Interesting how you can ruin a great living room by forcing another bedroom into a suite.  I worked at Commons as an Assitant Manager but took all my non-working meals a Wilcox Hall. I remember that our social events were always a step above the usual in the clubs; and while they served Bud, we served Michelob. Our bands were just as good and our social programs a bit more creative. I remember Tricuts and Bristol Cream with Master Jayne before dinner, a nice touch and a good way to insure that you would not study that night. Congratulations on a job well done. Below is a photo of Nancy and I after re-affirming our vows on our 25th Anniversary. Stuart H. Bentkover, MD '70

-- Stuart H. Bentkover, MD '70 --xxx