Martha Esersky Lorden '76

My name is Martha Esersky Lorden, class of 1976.  I was the first elected woman co-chair of Wilson College in 1974. I was also the youngest co-chair ever elected.  I shared that post with Ray Sawhill, class of 1976. We spearheaded some great changes to residential life at that time. We enjoyed a generous budget of over $20,000 a year to spend on residential life there. And we worked closely with the Dean of Students and other college administrators.

We were very successful as a residential college due to our  Knight School program and many exciting social and academic activities for the residents.  There were only two residential colleges at the time, the other being the Princeton Inn.  We attracted many students to our little quad with volleyball, great dances and theme parties, a terrific film series, the Knight School, a Wilson college theatre, and our little cafe called the Truck Stop.  The enrollment at Wilson reached well over 300 members after floundering in the years before.

Wilcox Hall was a true mecca for diversity and creativity.  Looks like the tradition continues with enthusiasm.  Henry Drewry deserves a medal for his open-mindedness and tolerance during those irreverent years!  He was a great leader.   Have a wonderful celebration.  

-- Martha Esersky Lorden, '76 --