Alexander Randall

I loved Wilson College, John Fleming Master, Wilcox hall and having a dog who loved the roof of Wilcox.   

I signed into Wilcox hall in the first year it was open for living space and we had the first co-ed dorm on campus. We actually had women as dorm mates and learned to love them all as sisters and companions. I had a single in room 300 and a king size water bed. It was bliss. And a large German Shepherd dog named Xander who loved to roam the roof of Wilcox.

alexander randallLouie Motherball Productions was based in Wilcox and we made a lot of musical events happen - out of thin air.

Sadly, I will not be there for the 50th, but I sent a copy of my new book to Trevor Forde to give to John Fleming. Many stories in the book and profiles of professors are based in Wilson College.  See

 The book is Life Lessons from Louie Motherball, Margaret Mead and the Good News Guy. Near Mrs. and Direct hits of an eccentric Thousand-aire.

-- Alexander Randall 5th '73 --