Sandy Thatcher

I lived in Witherspoon Hall my freshman year, sharing a bedroom with Jeffrey MacDonald (the Green Beret captain who was later accused of murdering his wife and two children, as depicted in Joe McGinniss's best-selling book "Fatal Vision"), and when it came time to relocate for my sophomore year, i looked for the place on campus that would physically be the nearest I could get to breakfast. That turned out to be the entry of 1915 Hall closest to Wilson, and that is where I lived for the next three years. I enjoyed the cultural activities and facilities Wilson had to offer, including the Julian Street Library on whose board I served, and I also knew I'd made the right decision when the Critical Language students, the first female students to enroll at Princeton, chose to have their meals at Wilson. I made all my friends in Wilson jealous when I finished my senior thesis over the Xmas holiday break and had the spring semester to enjoy almost like a vacation.

 -- Sandy Thatcher, '65 --