Diana Valverde Mendez

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Hi! I’m Diana and I’m excited to be a part of the First College community and getting to know you all. I’m currently in my fourth year at the Physics PhD program, and I work studying the biophysics of the inner components of bacterial cells.

I’m originally from Costa Rica, where I did my undergrad before coming to Princeton. Being in science has given me the opportunity to travel and explore the world, and I really enjoy learning about new cultures and trying new food.

I love nature and the outdoors, specially going out on camping trips, hiking and kayaking during the warmer months. In my free time I enjoy doing things with my hands, whether it be crafting, building things, cooking or drawing and painting. Usually when not in lab you can find me exercising: I like yoga, swimming and dance inspired classes.

I have two really cute fishies: Betty, a betta fish, and Cory, a corydora catfish. Let me know if you wanna meet them!