Monica Dobrinoiu '21

Email Address:

Concentration: Physics

Certificates: Applications of Computing, Statistics and Machine Learning, Applied and Computational Mathematics

Favorite courses: ELE396 - Introduction to Quantum Computing, AST 401 - Cosmology, LCA 101 - Introduction to Art Making

Bio: Hi First College! My name is Monica and I am a senior in the Physics department, originally from Bucharest, Romania. On campus, I also serve as a SHARE peer, the Social Chair of Colonial Club, a Physics tutor for McGraw, and a Service Focus Fellow. The most precious advice I can give as a PAA is to make the most of your only 8 semesters at Princeton and take classes that fulfill your academic curiosities - don’t be afraid to try new things! You will 90% of the time find me either in Jadwin or in Colonial. I’d love to meet as many of you as possible so please reach out if you want to talk or grab a meal!