Monica Huerta

English/American Studies
AB Adviser
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Monica Huerta is an assistant professor in the Department of English and the Program in American Studies. Her research and teaching interests include 19th and 20th century American literatures and cultures, including African American and Latinx, visual culture, photography, legal studies, and science studies. Her first book, The Unintended: Fractal Histories of Photography and Property in American Culture follows the little-known legal trajectory of photography as it becomes recognized in courts as property. The book uses legal cases as just one form of knowledge production alongside performance cultures, literary realisms, and mind sciences. The insights gained from bringing together this multi-disciplinary archive build out into a broader argument about the central role horizons of control, will, volition, and self-possession play in making knowledge about being and art from within racial capitalism in the late-nineteenth century United States. In addition to working on her projects, she very is excited to play a role in the Princeton community and is looking forward to getting to know students and staff at First College. Although originally from Chicago, she has been a true nomad for her entire adult life, and has very likely lived somewhere (besides Jersey) you have. When the NBA season starts, or really anytime, she is also keen to connect with folks who love talking about basketball.