Moses Awofolaju '21

Molecular Biology
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Concentration: Molecular Biology

Certificate: Neuroscience

Bio: Hey First College! My name is Moses and I'm a pre-med student from Cliffwood, NJ. I'm going into my senior year as a Molecular Biology major working on a certificate in Neuroscience. I have also taken classes in the chemistry department as well as the French and Italian department. Some of my favorite courses have been Organic Chemistry II with Biological Emphasis (CHM 302), Fundamentals of Neuroscience (NEU 201/PSY 258), The Bible as Literature (ENG 390) and Nomadic Empires: From the Scythian Confederation to the Mongol Conquest (EAS 280).

In my spare time on campus I volunteer at Princeton Medical Center and operate as an Advising Fellow at Matriculate, an advising program for low-income, first-generation students on the college matriculation process. My goal after College is go to medical school and eventually become a doctor. I love exercise and go the gym when I can. I am a huge basketball (LA Lakers) and soccer fan (Chelsea F.C.) and like most other people I love Marvel movies!

Besides providing regular academic insight, I can also be a source of pre-health information as well! I am very passionate about helping others and I feel everyone deserves to have all the information they need to navigate through college, especially here at Princeton. The school can be challenging and confusing at times, so feel free to contact me whenever about anything. I am excited to meet with you all!