Peter Taylor '22

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I'm Peter, and I'm a junior in the Comparative Literature department pursuing certificates in Latin American Studies and Creative Writing. I am passionate about literature, writing, music, language learning, and the humanities/arts in general as well as progressive politics and ideas. On campus, aside from being an RCA, I'm an editor with The Nassau Weekly as well as a HUM Sequence mentor. In my free time, I love reading poetry, discussing ideas of any kind, playing guitar, and/or drinking Gatorade and eating Cheetos. 

Princeton can be a weird place, both for good and for ill. I myself had a pretty difficult transition to this place, and the main reason I became an ARCA was to help facilitate more conversations and actions to help make Princeton a more just and inclusive place. If you ever want to play some guitar, talk politics or literature, get a second opinion on a life decision, or just sit and hang out, feel free to reach out. I'm looking forward to getting closer with the entire First College community!