Residential College Leadership Team (RCLT)

The Residential College Leadership Teams (RCLTs) were created in response to a recommendation by the 2016 Task Force on the Residential College Model.

The aim of the RCLT is to provide opportunities for more collaboration among a number of peer adviser/educator groups on campus and present them as an integrated set of resources with a focus on their respective residential college community.

Led by students and comprised of representatives of First College students and staff, as well as, peer leaders/advisers from resource offices around campus, the RCLT is a unified body to aid in: coordinating and enhancing programming, unifying core messaging, and preparing for and responding to community specific needs in a relevant, timely, and collaborative manner.

The members of the RCLT include representatives from the Residential College Advisers (RCAs), Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs), SHARE peers, Carl A. Fields Center Fellows, Pace Center Ambassadors, LGBTQIA Peer Educators, Peer Health Advisers, Resident Graduate Students (RGS), and representatives from College Council.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to contact Garrett Meggs, Director of Student Life:

  • Max Chan '22

    Max Chan '22
      • Peer Career Adviser
  • Brooke Johnson '22

    Brooke Johnson RCLT
      • Residential College Adviser
      • Carl A. Fields Fellow
  • Mari Kawakatsu

    Mari Kawakatsu
      • Resident Graduate Student
  • Samm Lee '22

    Samm Lee RCLT
      • Residential College Adviser