Shaffin Siddiqui '22

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Howdy First College! I’m a rising junior from Dallas, TX. Being a pre-med student concentrating in History (planning on the History of Science track) and aiming for a certificate in Arabic, I’m super interested in questions of philosophy, science, history, and, particularly, the place of traditional religion in modernity. 

Outside of academics, I’m currently involved with the Princeton Public Health Review, Princeton LAPA, and the Muslim Student Association. On the side, I try to lift the occasional weight, play basketball, and enjoy writing for my blog “Scratching at the Infinite” (search it up)! During quarantine, I have earned/given-myself the title Chef Shaffin, dare I say.

Having bounced around from pre-med to pre-law to once considering academia, I’ve been around the block academically and would love to share my experiences and thoughts with ya’ll! Whether it be what classes to take, what clubs to join, or just a riveting conversation about religion I’m more than happy to talk!