Silviu Pufu

AB Adviser
Email Address:

Position: Assistant Professor
Title: Assistant Professor of Physics.
Field: High Energy Theory
Office: 327 Jadwin
Phone: 609-258-2184

Hi everyone! My name is Silviu Pufu, and I am an Assistant Professor in the Physics department. I am excited to be a member of First College as a faculty fellow and adviser this year! My association with First College is not new, however. About ten years ago, you could find me living in the college during my freshman and sophomore years at Princeton. I finished Princeton in ’07 with an A.B. degree in Physics, and then I finished it again in ’11 with a Ph.D. degree, also in Physics. Now I’m back after a brief two and half years spent in Boston. My research interests are in theoretical high energy physics, in particular string theory, quantum field theory, and black holes. I look forward to meeting all of you soon.