Language Tables

Practice your language skills over a meal at one of First College's Language Tables. For undergraduate students at any stage of language study, the tables are opportunities to:

  • practice conversational language in a supportive, non-evaluative environment;
  • learn cultural etiquette (e.g., how to greet one another in a casual setting);
  • meet other undergraduates who share their interest in a language and culture;
  • participate in a sustained discussions with graduate students and professors;
  • receive encouragement to study a language further;
  • communicate across boundaries of language, nation, race, culture, and ethnicity;
  • develop an interest in studying abroad;
  • learn about a culture’s politics, history, religion, and geography.
For bilingual or international undergraduates, the tables provide an opportunity to meet other undergraduates, to share experiences about their nation or culture of origin, and to converse in their native language.  Although most language tables focus primarily on developing basic conversational skills, some may focus more broadly on a cultural or regional interest (e.g., Czech/Slavic), with language practice as a secondary purpose for the gathering.  Language tables are listed in the First College weekly newsletter.