What's Where

First lionsWilcox Hall is the social and programming hub of First College. Constructed in 1959 and significantly renovated in 2009, the building complex features a dining room, computer cluster, seminar rooms and an open gathering space known as the 'College Commons'. In addition, Wilcox Hall offers a dance studio, black box theater, the Julian Street Media Center and Library, outdoor terraces -- and of course our ever-popular Ping-Pong table.

The original dormitory quadrangle, dubbed 'New Quad', consists of Dodge-Osborn Hall, 1937 Hall, 1938 Hall, 1939 Hall, and Christian Gauss Hall. When it opened in September 1960, First College (then named Wilson College) was an immediate hit with Princeton undergraduates, many of whom had been clamoring for an opportunity to dine where they lived. In the late-1980s and early-1990s, three new dormitories were added to the college in order to meet growing student demand: Feinberg Hall, 1927-Clapp Hall, and Walker Hall. These buildings are primarily residential, but also house a few special programming spaces, including a student-run kitchen (Dodge-Osborn Hall), ceramics studio (1938 Hall), and game room (1927-Clapp Hall).

Architecturally distinct from the Collegiate Gothic style for which Princeton is known, the buildings that comprise First College are prized by residents for their functionality. The college boasts some of the largest rooms on campus, and its abundant recreational facilities, lounge and commons areas enable the easy social interaction that marks a true community.