Black Box Theater

Black Box Theater image

Description: The Black Box theatre is a 49 seat performance space with a separate A/V booth. It also has a fixed projector and screen for showing films. Groups have the option to add 30 folding chairs for an overall seating capacity of 79. The main performing area is a tiled 20 by 20 foot area. Total occupancy is 125.

 A backstage area provides space to store scenery and a dressing room. To meet fire regulations, a sprinkler system has been added.  Food and drink in the Black Box theatre is allowed.

Location: Basement level of Wilcox floor.

Reservations and Access: 

Reservations can be submitted thru EMS. Please note, requests will be reviewed and are not confirmed until the status has been updated on your reservation. Student groups also need to register their events as required by their sponsoring department. If you have questions, please contact Dianne Spatafore, or 609-258-6475.

Reservations for performances are typically limited to no more than 7 consecutive days and the room cannot be reserved for full days (i.e. 8am-11pm).  A typical reservation must start at 6 pm or later on weekdays.

Use of the A/V equipment requires training. This is arranged through the room reservation process. Training is done by a technical team from the University's Performing Arts Unit. Please allow 2 weeks for training. Access to the booth is given after training via student Prox. The main door to the theater is unlocked making it available to students when it is not reserved.

Building Services:  It is the responsibility of all groups to pick up their trash and place it in the receptacle provided by Building Services. The trash is removed daily, but if Building Services has to provide clean up beyond removing the receptacle, there will be a charge to the account.

Adding Seats:
Adding extra seating to theater chart