Ceramics Studio

Studio will be reopening the end of October for students only due to covid restrictions ... stay tuned!

The First College Ceramics Studio is an “open studio” work environment for students in which beginners can work alongside experienced ceramicists on independent projects. Local artist and ceramicist Debbie Reichard, is the Director.  If you have questions about the studio, please email firstrc@princeton.edu.  

The studio is equipped with three electric wheels and two kickwheels, tables for handbuilding, a glaze area and kiln. A studio manager is always present to provide instruction.  All materials and firings are provided, all you have to do is show up!
The Ceramic Studio regularly hosts a freshman seminar that explores archaeological approaches to pottery techniques.

Location: The studio is located in the basement of 1938 Hall, on the right at the bottom of the first entryway stairs.

Access: The studio has regular open hours that vary each semester. We try to have the studio open one evening a week as well on the weekend.  

Room Policies: The staff (student managers or instructors) administer the policies of the studio and provide training to all visitors regardless of level of experience.


  1. To subscribe to the First-Ceramics listserv, use your email account to send an email to listserv@princeton.edu.  Put the words ‘sub first_ceramics’ in the body of the email (not in the subject line), and send it to listserv@princeton.edu.
  2. You will then receive an ‘command confirmation request ‘ email from the Princeton University LISTSERV Server, and the email will ask you to click on a link and confirm your subscription.  You MUST do this or you won’t be subscribed.