Private Dining Room

Private Dining roomDescription: The Private Dining Room is separate from the main dining hall making it ideal for small groups to meet over lunch or dinner. First College holds talks and other events in this room.

The number of people the PDR can hold depends on room layout. There are 9 tables that are generally arranged in a U shape. This arrangement can comfortably hold 30. The tables can be broken apart to create individual tables for 4. With this arrangement, 36 people can be accommodated.

We are often asked what is the absolute maximum the PDR can accommodate. For a sit-down meal, that number is 32. We've added as many as 10 extra chairs along the wall, but anyone sitting there would not be able to eat comfortably.

The room includes a whiteboard, fixed ceiling projector, and pull down screen operated by a wall-mounted control box.

Location: The PDR is located at the back of the First College dining hall.

Access: This room is usually unlocked. However, if locked, please ask any dining service manager to open it for you.

How to Reserve: Reservations for this space are currently closed.  Please check back for information regarding fall reservations. The PDR can be reserved for dinner and weekend brunch.

Room Policies: The PDR is part of the dining hall and therefore events in this room can only be catered through dining services. It is generally expected that those borrowing the PDR will pay for their own meals either through the meal plan, fellows privileges, or a departmental account number.

Arrangements for special meals or service should be made directly with dining services.